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14 December 2020

Sponsorship Project - FREE MASAI

Dear fans of extreme sports!

In August of this year, we, being one of the main sponsors of the event, together with the TM of non-alcoholic energy drinks FREE MASAI, joined a major film project for a full-length film about the Russian Motocross. Some part of the material has already been shot and you can see the footage from the future movie following the link below. The premiere of the picture is planned for 2021 in the cinemas of our country.

The film "Motocross Throughout Life" will cover the history and modernity of motor sports in Russia, starting with the first motorcycles, which were assembled by hand in the early 19th century, and ending with modern bikes.

Also, the filmmakers will tell about the legends of this sport - about people who at different times have won and are still winning the cups of the Russian Championships, as well as the World and European Championships. The plot of the film is based on real events. The informational partner is the Russian Extreme TV channel.