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12 April 2017

Children's Swim League Open Championship "Povolzhye"

Dear friends, congratulations on the Cosmonautics Day!


And we are really delighted that this wonderful holiday is remembered not only by us, but also by numerous participants and guests of the Children's Swim League Open Championship, "Povolzhye", dedicated to the Cosmonautics Day, held on April 7-9 at the SRC "Dolphin" (Sputnik).


And the deserved prizes were presented to the winners by Aleksandr Samokutyaev, the Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut and honorary citizen of our wonderful City of Penza!


Best kids came from all parts of our vast country and the region, to fight for the title of "Penza Gagarin" and get a deserved award from the hands of Alexander Mikhailovich himself.


We were glad to be partners of such a wonderful holiday, during all 3 days, including salute and gifts – a delicious and invigorating lemonade "Despicable Me Approved by Minions". The kids approved the lemonade too,  whole-heartedly and without any residue!