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Golden Joker
Volume: 0,25 л; 0,5 л
Strong: 40%
Volume: 0,25л; 0,5л; 0,7л
Strong: 40 %
The classic design of the bottle emphasizes the status of a traditional drink, inspires confidence. Created by blending matured Scotch grain whisky and aged malt whiskey distillates.The drink possesses a light golden color and a delicate, elegant aroma. The flavour is refined, delicate, rounded and excellently balanced. Aged Scotch grain whisky distillate gives a long, warm aftertaste, imparting the bouquet with completeness.It is an excellent digestif, easy-drinking both pure and with water, perfect in cocktails as well.

Grain Whiskey Maccallister Classic Blend
Volume: 0,25 л; 0,5 л; 0,7 л
Strong: 40%
Grain whiskey Maccallister Classic Blend is crafted using Scotch whisky distillate aged in oak barrels for more than 3 years. A perfect drink for true connoisseurs of taste.

Golden Joker
Whiskey Drink GOLDEN JOKER
Volume: 0,5 л.
Strong: 40%
Whiskey drink "GOLDEN JOKER" is an excellent alternative to expensive elite whiskey. The drink is made following an original recipe corresponding to all traditions of its ancestor. Even a small sip will help one plunge into the atmosphere of a casino and feel like a genuine player!