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Genepi The Trading Company "GIFT" brings to your attention aperitifs “Genepi”.

Genepi is one of the recognized French aperitifs, representatives of the popular constellation of various herbal liqueurs. Genepi is a high-mountain flower of wormwood, growing between 1500 and 2000 meters above the sea level, with a charming aroma, which is well-known to mankind since the Middle Ages for its medicinal properties.
Divine, leaving a multifaceted aftertaste of spicy notes fragrant aroma glorified it to the whole world. The color of the liqueur depends on its age.

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Genepi aperitif
Volume: 0,5 л.
Strong: 35%

Production of this amazing Alpine liqueur is conducted following a special technology based on the principle of maceration of carefully selected plants of wormwood. True enthusiasts will estimate this exquisite drink created from a unique blend of the Alpine herbs.

Composition: corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl Luxe grade alcohol from food raw materials, wormwood infusion, sugar, natural sugar color.